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We make our convenient cards to empower you to make healthier, more informed decisions.

Did you know?

  • On average non-organic fruits & vegetables could be treated with anywhere from 33-64 different pesticides.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables in the highest pesticide range could leave you exposed to at least 10 different pesticides.
  • The Eat Well Card has outlined the most frequently consumed fish to help you make healthier choices when buying/eating fish.
  • There are more types of fish that contain mercury, we chose the one's we felt are most consumed.


(1.99 Each) Front & Back Of Card

(Front & Back)
The Eat Well Card has the exact same feel as a credit card. Orders online are sold in packages of 5.

Card & Holder

($62.00) Card Holder Large

Buy a Card Holder and get 50 Eat Well Cards for $1.00 each!!


($12.00 Each) Front Of Card

The Card Holder is the perfect way to display your cards. Holders are made out of aluminum.

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